When it comes to curb appeal, nothing will make your home more attractive than new windows, doors, and siding.

Give Your Home a Facelift and a New Look

Many of the home In Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island are more than 50 years old. Many of the houses still have the original windows and siding. While they might be in good shape, technology used in making Windows and Doors has advanced significantly. The materials used in modern siding also works better to help to insulate your home and keep you safe. ​

When you are in a room with windows that are more than 20 years old, you will notice that the weather from outside has no problem getting through those old windows. Even the breeze makes it through the windows, and it feels like you might as well be outside.

Completely Transform the Look of Your Home

Modern windows have a much better look and they provide you with a more efficient way to keep the weather outside and help to maintain your comfort on the inside. New windows safe you money on your heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

We will work with you to decide the types of windows you want from standard windows to bay or bow windows and even custom designs to fit the style and look of your house. ​

Short of changing the look of your house with a room extension or dormer, there is no other way to make such a significant change to how your home looks than to changing the siding. Your siding works with the shape and style of your home to give it personality. With siding slats of different styles and colors, and even installed in different directions, your home can be transformed from a boring home that does not stand out to being one of the bright spots of the neighborhood.

Save Money with Energy Efficient Technology

When it comes to curb appeal, nothing will make your home more attractive than new windows, doors, and siding. Beautiful, and energy efficient, these changes will make you feel that you are living in a brand-new home.

With Passaro Design and Build, you can have the home of your dreams by making some amazingly easy and fun changes. Call John Passaro to discuss your Window, Door, and Siding options.
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