Since so much time is spent in the kitchen, and it is such an essential part of the home, you deserve to have the kitchen that you always wanted.

Create the Kitchen You Have Always Wanted

The kitchen is often the main focus of any home. From starting your day with a cup of coffee ore preparing a holiday meal for the entire family to a quick snack before bed, days often begin and end in the kitchen. ​

Your kitchen is also one of the primary gathering places in the home. When company comes over, people often stand and talk in the kitchen. So many of life’s events happen and are discussed while preparing a meal. ​

Since so much time is spent in the kitchen, and it is such an essential part of the home, you deserve to have the kitchen that you always wanted. Many of the homes in Nassau and Suffolk Counties are over 50 years old, and many of the kitchens are just as old. Even if you bought new appliances over the years, the kitchen is outdated and difficult to work in.

Custom Kitchens That Are as Functional as they are Beautiful

A new kitchen allows you to create the space that you need and the ability to get ready for your day or prepare dinner for the family or a house full of guests. A modern custom kitchen can be created with your specific needs in mind.

The only limits are your imagination as you decide how you want your kitchen to be laid out. In many older homes, the dining room is separated from the kitchen. Many people are no longer keeping a formal dining room, opting to knock down walls to create an open space to give more room for storage and counter space.

An open plan also allows for more space to create a place for the family to get together for meals. A custom kitchen also allows you to entertain a group of friends without being squeezed into a small kitchen or missing part of the conversation because you were in the kitchen, getting a bottle of wine.

Work with the Dedicated Professionals of Passaro Design and Build

You can have the home of your dreams and a kitchen which from which the memories of a lifetime are created. You do not have to settle for a kitchen designed more than a generation ago. John Passaro will with you to design the kitchen of your dreams and manage the project from conception to completion. ​

To build a kitchen right, you need people with many different skills. John Passaro works with experienced teams of plumbers, electricians, and cabinet makers to ensure that your kitchen is of the highest quality possible and a room that stands the test of time. Call Passaro Design and Build at 516.503.2421 and get the kitchen you have always wanted.
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